Storing Your Wines


 Storing wines is a crucial factor upon purchase (in bond and home-care). Upon initial delivery, it is always advisable to let the wines rest (laying-down) for at least 48 hours before drinking. For wines that are purchased for every-drinking, storage in kitchen holes is fine, as long as they are not there for longer than a week, as high temperatures can affect the wine quality upon opening. 


 Customers often ask us whether storage under staircases and the garage are advisable. If it's a constant temperature and dark, then this is a suitable measure. The garage would be a better option, especially for whites, and for reds, we advise that you bring the wine into the house to settle at room temperature (2-3hrs) before drinking at the table. There are some wines i.e. Beaujolais, that some imbibers have adopted from the French and drink slightly chilled.

HOME Cellarage


Regarding more expensive wines (top-end and investment wines, with French Bordeaux supplied in sealed wooden boxes), we strongly advise using purpose-built cellars (underground) and temperature controlled French Climadiff wine cabinets. Upon delivery from overseas, ensure you lay the wines down in the cellar for at least 15 days, should the vintage be ready for drinking the same year. Each wine cabinet by Climadiff is of course fitted with a non-vibrating compressor, which keeps a constant temperature, even when temperatures drop during the winter. For market recommendations, please do not hesitate in asking us for a professional recommendation.

We offer cellarage for our customers, please see our T&Cs for charges. Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Storage and Provenance

 Whether you are a season collector of fine wines or a first-time buyer, we can reassure you that the wines you buy from us have been stored securely and in optimal conditions. We only source wines that have been kept professionally, whether direct from the producer’s own cellar, or from a trusted partner capable of meeting our demanding standards for provenance. In the case of selling on wines from our loyal and long-standing customers, all wines for further sale have been professionally checked and have been maintained in the correct storage facility.

Our warehousing partner is London City Bond (LCB), the world’s leading fine wine storage company. All wines warehoused with LCB have been kept in their temperature-controlled storage facility at Sunbury, Middlesex (UK), and protected by best-in- class security, including integrated physical and electronic surveillance systems.

Wishing to sell

For those that wish to have their wine valued and inspected for selling on, we would visit your home and examine the condition of the storage facility, wine levels, with a view to making you an offer for re-sale. If however, your wine has been stored in London City Bond (LCB) since purchase, we may ask to remove the wine either to our premises, or to our designated storage facility storage at Sunbury, Middlesex (UK). Please note, there may be a charge by London City Bond for moving wines across, and duty related taxes, so take this into consideration before you decide. For further concerns, please contact us directly on 01903 207914.