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 With over 30 years of experience recommending suitable wedding wines, you can rely on us to get your Wedding Celebration in the right direction, which will have all your guests talking. We cater for every type of budget and can give free advice (step-by- step), along with tasting notes. There is a skill with matching wines with all guests, as well as complementing the right foods. Having a selection of ‘safe wines’ will cater all palates. Tasting wines can be on request also. 

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Wedding venues across the country and abroad often allow you to bring your own wine selections (white, red, rose and all important sparkling - champagne). They do of course try very hard to get you to stay with their own venue choices, but both from personal and professional experience can leave a negative impact. Venues often charge ‘corkage’ if you do bring your own wines (or have them delivered to the venue by your personal wine-merchant, in which we always offer free of charge in the UK, depending on the location –  One can often pay as little as £5.00 a bottle corkage, so on top of the wine you are buying it may very well work out cheaper than the price the venue would be charging for a bottle. Quality and price should go hand in hand.  We cater for last-minute requests in the UK and abroad, so help is always at hand. 

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 Wedding requests have been a popular from overseas also, as wines cost a lot more in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. For International interest, we use DHL for all our logistics overseas. Why wouldn’t you want to offer your favourite wine that helped romance your relationship? We can also bring the party to you, should you be having a home party, as well as initial decision tasting before your big day. Predicting what you may need in guest quantities is a skill that we can help with, so rest assure, that if you order more than needed, we can offer a sale or return basis. Also, with our brokerage service, including offers, we have the best prices worldwide, so you can be spoilt for choice. This helps absorb the corkage charge that your venue will charge. 

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Wedding Celebrations are always different, that is what makes it your special day, but if working to a typical scenario – ‘toasting etiquette speech’ followed by ‘sit-down meal’, we recommend working around these approximate quantities. 

 If at this stage you are still feeling confused, simple contact us and let us know how many guests are attending to anticipate correct wine numbers. 

Wedding Champagne Sparkling Wines

Toasting Etiquette Welcome Speech | Aperitif
Allow two to three glasses per guest of the aperitif wine, as people tend to be thirstier at the beginning of the party (especially as nerves may kick in). If you are having photographs taken, it may well be wise to allow for more, as this process can often take longer than anticipated. 

 Your Celebratory Toast | Applaud the Happy Couple
Allow one measure per guest. One 75cl bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine should provide six to seven measures for a toast.

 Main Meal
Allow three to four glasses of wine per guest during these two to three hours (around a bottle each, but steadily to arrive from the waiters, as opposed to leaving the bottle on the table).

 White Wines – (A safe-wine would be medium-dry to cater all parties attending, as often the Sauvignon Blanc can be too over-powering for some, due to the gooseberries and perfume scent). These two wines offer subtly, light freshness and elegance on the palate. We nominate in the lowest budget category i.e. under £14.00 a bottle: Fiori Catarratto Pinot Grigio Sicily or Le Jardin Sauvignon Blanc France (for suitable candidates over this price-budget, please ask for recommendations). 

 Red Wines – (A safe-wine would be light, fruity and floral) Reds from Beaujolais and Burgundy (France) and specific wines from Spain would be ideal candidates – Fleurie or Brouilly from Beaujolais and Le Jardin Merlot from Burgundy. Rioja (Spain) is a popular choice, but not every guest will enjoy the vanilla that comes through on the palate. Molino Tempranillo Red from La Mancha Spain comes highly -rated. These nominees start from £10.00 a bottle upwards (for suitable candidates over this price-budget, please ask for recommendations). 

 Sparkling Wines – (Champagne is the most traditional sparkler of them all, although in recent times, couples have taken to Italian Sparklers (which we have seen much interest) Prosecco (Italy’s version of Champagne; an alternative sparkling wine). The quality can match, but the price can vary a lot. It all boils down to personal preference and budget. We have some excellent house entry Champagne examples (H. Blin Tradition Brut Non-Vintage), vintage Champagne; including the breathtaking Louis Roederer Cristal (from various vintages) and our fully exclusive Castelli Romeo & Juliet 1530 Brut Non-Vintage Prosecco Sparkling Treviso Italy.

Wedding Champagne Sparkling Wines



We hope that you will love our wedding wine-arrangement, as much as we'll love planning the selections.  PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY supported.