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Perfect Food Pairing

Perfect Food Pairing

Indian Deliveroo Just East Takeaway Takeout

Perfect Food Pairing

Perfect Food Pairing

Perfect Food Pairing

Pizza Deliveroo Just East Takeaway Takeout

We all love to eat out as much as having food delivered to the home place, but have we any idea which wines complement our most desired takeout foods… 

Perfect Food Pairing

Seafood Deliveroo Just East Takeaway Takeout
Food Pairings Deliveroo Just East Takeaway Takeout

Wine isn’t just for drinking on its own, but can equally and magically turn a meal into another experience altogether. Promises worth breaking are the best kind!

Professional tips are as follows: 

Top 3 most popular takeout foods in the UK

Alsace Gerwurztraminer France

Try it out for yourself, and see if you fall in love with the pairing

Let us start with Indian food (the UK’s most desired takeout food), which infuse rich spices and has a long-lasting aftertaste. To balance this cuisine, we highly recommend wines from Alsace, France, Austrian and Germany, which are low in alcohol content and have a slight sweetness, which beautifully mellows out the spices on the palate. Look out for wine grape varietals such as Gewurztraminer or Riesling, which are number one choices for this delicacy, and very often seen in some of the most famous Asian restaurants in the world.. Restaurants tend to follow conventional wines, such seen on television, and are simply following a tread i.e Jacob’s Creek (which spend millions of pounds on advertising a cheap, inferior, and mass-produced product). The dining experience should complement both the food and wine available on its list.

The Chardonnay grape is too over-powering for Indian food, and both the Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc grape are too vibrant to eloquently match this number one food choice. If white wine is off the menu for you, then a very reliable match-maker in red would be the Gamay grape from the Beaujolais region, which would include, and most seen Fleurie or Brouilly, although Morgon and St Amour would do justice also (just not seen as much on menus in the UK). The grape varietal is very earthy, so ideal to balance out the spices. Lastly, for a sparkler, Spumante Rose Sparkling from Italy or pink Champagne for the serious spender. Rioja from Spain is widely seen also, and yummy too.

“Our professional recommendation would be Gewurztraminer by Michel Leon (France)"

Riesling Germany Wines


Onto Chinese food, whereby, the Chinese tend to drink Bordeaux red (to us English folk ‘claret’), and some of the best names may I add, which is not uncommon when entertaining clients, as they like to make them feel important in both aspects of fine dining. Not forgetting also that the colour red in China is very symbolic. Now Chinese cuisine is much more complex than the former, so if you are a westerner, you may wish to stick with the star grape nominee, which is Riesling, from Germany, although Alsace produce the Riesling grape slightly different. It is down to preference for its perilous location on the border of Germany and France made the area a tug-of-war for centuries, so there are always mixed views. Nevertheless, both are exceptional to drink with Chinese cuisine. The majority of western sommeliers would recommend the Riesling grape.

“Give Schiefer Riesling Mosel (Germany)” 

Molino Spain Wines Wine Tasting Vega Sicilia

become a much better wine connoisseur when date night pops up in the diary

Italian food has received much debate with the majority of pizza and pasta dishes available. Let’s start with pizza shall we! Well, you would think it would be an Italian nominee, but the wine we highly suggest is from La Mancha, Spain and the grape varietal is Tempranillo. May I add, that we've tried many! There is something about this grape that is so addictive, that you just can’t go back from, as confessed by numerous customers (without mentioning any names). Soft, perfectly balanced, ripe and fresh. It just eases into the dough with perfect harmony.

As for its partner in crime, and my favourite ‘pasta’ dishes, you cannot go wrong with a decent bottle of Barolo, in which the grape varietal is Nebbiolo.  Deliziosa!

"Pasta just got sexier - Molino del Sol Tempranillo Red Tinto (Spain)" & “The boss of them all – Barolo Antario Piedmont (Italy)"

so what better way to start your healthy choice plan with one of our personal recommendations

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