Frequently asked questions (faqS)

Do you I need to pay for signing-up with No Fuss Just Wines?

We don't do silly memberships at cost. Signing-up is free of charge. You’ll be able to access your full history of purchases, as well as receiving your FREE £25.00 Introductory Voucher.

Is there a minimum order?

In general, it's a mixed 12 bottles, although, some products can be purchased by single bottles (see product info). Please note: FREE delivery on orders of 12 mixed bottles, otherwise we will generate a quote for delivery using DHL International. See our T&Cs for more!

Do you have a shop?

We used to have a shop in Arundel, West Sussex, so many returning customers will know that we now entirely operate from our new website (old one was, as well as visiting seasonal buyers at the home place. Customers can collect in person from our office address (by appointment), otherwise, all purchases will be delivered in the normal manner. As a result of this, we are able to negotiate much better deals.

What sort of discounts do you offer?

Negotiation is something we take pride on, so please do ask if you have interest on a few wines, and we’ll get back to you with a discounted price. Once signed up, you will automatically have access to discounted offers and seasonal bundle deals sent via email. "If you don't ask, you don't get"

Are your stock levels online accurate?

We keep our online stock levels as accurate as possible and ensure they are updated every working day (our servers are responsible for the response time, so your patience is appreciated). If there are any problems with your order (should a wine not be in stock) or delivery method selected, we’ll contact you straightaway to resolve it.

When will I receive my order?

We dispatch all orders received before 12pm on a next day service, or after, as long as all your products show as available (UK). For wines that are based at our LCB, arrival times will vary, due to release of goods, after custom forms are completed. If you order after 12pm we’ll send it the next working day. To request a delivery day and time, please contact us. We have a 100% track record for schedule times.

So if I order for a birthday bash on a Friday before 12pm, I’ll receive it on Saturday?

Event-planning is always welcomed, although we can offer last-minute deliveries to cater party events etc. If you're worried, simply give us a call on 01903 207914 and will give you an exact time of delivery.

Can I collect my order in person?

Yes, as long as you inform us after you have completed the sale of transaction online, by email or telephone 01903 207914. Please also inform us when you would like to collect – this service is offered Monday-Sunday without a problem (should there be something last-minute) from our office address (by appointment).

Are the bottles in the pictures the ones I’ll receive?

98% of the time they are. The more expensive products have been photographed from existing stock levels. If in doubt, please do contact us on 01903 207914 or email us. We will be more than happy to assist with any questions to ease your concern.

Will I receive the vintage I’ve ordered right?

Yes, there’s nothing more annoying when buying wine online than receiving a different vintage than the one you’ve ordered (the one you saw in the product pop-up box). If there’s ever a problem with something you’ve ordered, we’ll contact you straight-away and work out a solution. If in doubt, please do contact us on 01903 207914 or email us. We will be more than happy to assist with any questions to ease your concern

Can I return my order?

Yes, we fully comply with the Distance Selling Regulations so if you change your mind for any reason within 14 calendar days of receiving your order, please let us know by calling 01903 207914 within this time-frame. Please note: The cost of returning the order will be at your expense and we will refund you the sale price of the wines you purchased online. If payment was received to us by paypal or sandbox, then 4% will not be refundable. 

Having trouble finding your favourite wine online?

We offer a bespoke service in helping you find your treasured wines from across the world, using our brokerage service. Simply call us on 01903 207914 or email us, to start securing your greats! Time-frames may vary, but we have a 98% success rate in finding your wine, and if we don’t, we can suggest some worthy candidates around your specific requests.

Is it true that all expensive Italian wines should be decanted overnight prior to drinking?

This is certainly the case for wines like Amarone, Barolo, Brunello, Sassicaia etc. Wines in the region of £25.00 or over from Italy, should definitely have a minimum of 2-3hrs breathing using a decanter. We do recommend overnight decanting, as these wines do take longer to open-up. For any concerns, please call on 01903 207914 or email us, as we will be happy to assist in your planning. This service we offer 24/7!

My order is incorrect or broken – what should I do?

If your wine is not what you ordered please let us know within 14 days, and we will arrange for the collection of it and re-dispatch of a replacement order. There will be no additional carriage expense in this instance. If your order has arrived broke, please let us know straight away. We have a 100% success rate of exact delivery orders.

What’s your policy on faulty or corked wine?

From time to time the odd faulty bottle creeps up to the surface. If this does happen then please let us know straight-away and retain the bottle and contents, so we can arrange for it to be collected and returned to us for examination (in most cases, the vineyard will be informed, as some wines can be effected in transit and shipping to the UK). Please note: That faulty wines can only be returned and credited up to 30 days from your receipt of the order. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace any mature wine over 10 years of age and these wines are purchased ‘sold as seen’. We can credit you any difference, in the event that this happens.

How do I recommend a friend to No Fuss Just Wines?

Please see our Rewards & Recommendations where you can find further details. We have the best reward-scheme in the UK.

Why am I not receiving certain emails from No Fuss Just Wines?

We occasionally receive reports from customers that they have not received an email from us, such as an order confirmation or monthly seasonal deals. Your email provider will probably use a spam filter to automatically filter out emails that they deem to be undesirable and occasionally this may include emails from No Fuss Just Wines. If you are not receiving emails you were expecting, we recommend that you save the following email address to your safe senders list: Please take a note of our email address |

Which carriers do you use for deliveries within the UK?

The majority of our orders are personally delivered, including Scotland, Wales and UK mainland, otherwise DHL International are used for addresses further afield to us, or which cannot be attended to around a certain schedule.

Can I store payment card details securely online?

Yes. You can store card details securely so that you do not have to re-enter your card number and expiry date every time you place an order. (Storing card details in this way also allows you to use the Checkout facility.) After putting in your payment details in checkout, you will be asked whether you want to store your card details online. We do not store the card's security code (CVV2: the three-digit number on the signature strip on the back of the card). As a result, therefore this will need to be entered for each payment. You can change or delete your stored card at any time via the normal checkout process once you have signed back in.

How do you ensure my card details are safe-guarded?

To ensure the security of card details, we use Mock Sandbox Purchase Flow, a well-established and recognised process that only stores the last four digits of your card number, along with a reference code that allows us to identify which card to process. We do not store the card's security code (CVV2: the three-digit number on the signature strip on the back of the card). Please note also, that our website has a secure SSL certificate for online safe-guard trading.

Do your wines contain allergens?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our wines contain sulphites. This is an important – many would say vital – preservative that can be used before and after fermentation. Good winemakers will only use just the right amount of sulphur and the aim is that it is not tasted in the wine. European Legislation restricts the amount that can be added to a wine. The fining process, which clarifies wine, is traditionally done using milk or egg proteins. Some winemakers use non-animal derived agents (bentonite, for example); others choose not to fine their wines at all. Albumin (egg white) or casein (milk protein) is often used in the fining process but in general, these substances will not be present in the finished wine: the reactions that take place during fining serve to remove both the fining agent and the substances that are being fined. However, it is not possible to determine in what infinitesimal quantity these substances might remain in any finished bottle of wine, short of conducting a detailed chemical analysis of each bottle. In the interests of allowing customers to make the most informed choices possible - particularly those with allergies to dairy - unless otherwise stated, all wines purchased from No Fuss Just Wines may contain egg or milk proteins.

Do you stock wines without sulphites?

While sulphur is an essential preservative and antiseptic, it is the policy of No Fuss Just Wines to work with conscientious growers, and all work well within safe EU levels. Virtually all well-made wines, including organic wines, contain sulphites in strictly controlled quantities. Some types of wine tend to contain less sulphur. Less tends to be found in old wines than in new wines. Customers who are concerned are advised to avoid wines with residual sugar. Please do telephone us on 01903 207914 should you need further advise.

Is my cellar the right temperature?

The recommended temperature for storage is around 10°C-13°C (50°F-55°F). For detailed advice, please refer to Storing Your Wines from our drop-down menu on the website.

When do I decant a wine and how?

If a wine has any deposits (sediment which can be seen holding the bottle to the light), stand the bottle upright for at least an hour, preferably overnight, before pouring the wine carefully until you see the sediment appear at the bottle's shoulder. By decanting the wine, you free the liquid from sediment, which can be very unpleasant for drinking, thus helping the wine get exposed to the oxygen in the air, and helping it breathe, in time for the drinking experience. For detailed advice, please refer to Storing Your Wines from our drop-down menu on the website.


What does “In Bond” mean?

It effectively means “before tax” in that you are paying for a wine which is shipped to the UK (or where the shipping cost is included in the price if the wine is still lying overseas) but where UK Duty (currently £25.01 + VAT per 9 litres*) and UK VAT (currently 20% *) have not been paid on the wine. A wine can remain In Bond in a UK Bonded warehouse and wines can be traded and exported In Bond. If a wine is removed from Bond and delivered, Duty and VAT become payable at current market rates prior to delivery being made. The VAT is calculated on the original cost price, not the current market value. 


How do you decide when a vintage is of “investment” potential – buying En Primeur?

In the case of Bordeaux, the new vintage is released for tasting and assessment during the spring following the harvest. At that point we merchants and all the global wine critics descend on Bordeaux and make our judgements. Prices are released between April and July and we recommend purchase, or not, depending on our findings at the tasting and the price at which the châteaux release their wine. The wine critics rate the wines and publish their views. Buying clarets (Bordeaux) en primeur is the best way to get the best price before it is actually bottled and shipped to the UK (for advice please  contact us ). Since the early 1980s Robert Parker has become an increasingly powerful player in the world of fine wine and his scores in The Wine Advocate can make or break a wine’s “performance”. Whether you agree with his assessments or not (and there are constant and hot International debates about each and every one of his pronouncements) if you are looking to make profits out of wine, you cannot ignore him – his scores have impacted the market over the past forty years, as well as the buying power from Asia, with keen buyers, which has resulted in many wines going up in value, some in dramatic fashion, due to supply and demand of the best collectable vintages. 


What makes a funeral wine?

This 2019 we sadly lost several long-standing customers, and were asked to cater their funeral wines. It’s a very touchy subject, but we have seen a rise in demand for organising wines for funerals, along with people paying in advance for their own funeral costs. Most people don’t want to think about arranging their own funeral, let alone trying to organise it for a loved one. That’s natural. But there is some quiet satisfaction to be gained from putting your affairs in order and reflecting on the most appropriate arrangements around a selection of wines. Helping you raise a glass in loving memory!

We offer a discreet service with free expert advice and discount. Please call us on 01903 207914.

What should I do if my question is not answered above?

Please contact us via email or by telephone 01903 207914 for further assistance. We are more than happy to post any valuable points that would further assist buyers'.